From the very beginning Maurizio Bonas has been deeply involved in research in the field, based on thorough knowledge of and bold experimentation with fabric, that inexhaustible raw material whose roots lic deep in the great tailor and craftsmen’s tradition of Florence and Tuscany, skillfully translated by him into a superbly modern style for woman and men of today with a background in the reality of mittel-eoropean world.

Even in the most strictly formal stylistic aspects, Maurizio Bonas’ approach has always been marked by progressive evolution, with no abrupt, ephemeral shifts and turns. The decidedly European taste which has distinguished his production from the start represents an attempt to delineate a precise space for research, addressed to an explicit area of the market, resulting in the creation of a highly personal fashion identity.

Maurizio Bonas’ stylistic proposal is thus addressed to the man who lives our time, who expresses, also through the way he dresses, a particular aspect of his contemporary identity, avoiding standardization and conformity of any kind. The style defined in this way features a composed, never exaggerated eclecticism, where the most sophisticated elegance is made up of small touches, nuances, minimalist details and above all great taste in “feeling” what is worn, with close attention focused on the history of fabrics, the fundamental tool for all those who make of this “terrible” profession their reason for living.


Un pensiero alla memoria di
Luciano Morini

Un particolare ringraziamento per l’aiuto e la collaborazione di tanti anni di lavoro in comune a
Jean Yves Malbos & Paolo Bonsignore

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